Antoine Johnson

Progress Plaza Fresh Grocer

Supermarket, Philadelphia

Founded in 1968, under the direction of the late Rev. Leon Sullivan, Progress Plaza is the nation’s oldest African-American owned and operated shopping center. The historic center is known as the training ground for the city’s first African-American supermarket and bank managers.

The $15 million expansion project consisted of development of a two-story office building and retail space as well as the completion of the 46,000 square feet supermarket.  Construction on the plaza was completed in 2009.
“We are still trying to maximize minority participation and we are quite pleased that we have been able to assist upon that,” said PIA Board Secretary Anita J. Chappell.
“According to PIA officials, the overall percentage of on-site minority participation of the project’s first two phases was 39 percent. The “value” minority participation ratio was at 69 percent. Some participating African-American firms include Patterson Construction, W&W Contractors, Larry C. McRae Inc., electric contractor, Precision Steel Construction, WF Design and Architecture, Anita T. Conner and Associates, West Insurance Group, Alpha Office Supplies, Milligan & Company. An African American architect, Jewell Antoine-Johnson of Cubellis, Inc., supervised the style and architectural details of Progress Plaza.”—Philadelphia Tribune 11/24/09

Jewell Antoine of Antoine Johnson LLC was the project architect and project manager while employed with Cubellis Inc.


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